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We held a live telegram Ama session with BIKINI FINANCE in our official telegram channel on 17th Nov,2021 and here is a recap for the same in case you miss the live Ama session

Hello @MitchBuchannon I welcome you on behalf of whole community to an ama session with Dappcentre Official

Guest :- Hello! Thanks for having me here! Love this community

So are you ready to start the Ama session with usual custom of introductory questions ??

Guest:- yes sir I’m ready here

Segment 1 – Host questions

Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story

Guest :- I am Mitch Buchannon. I am a business developer for the Bikini Finance team. I hope you are ready today I bring you the great news of the new releases of

· What's your background like and how long have you been into Crypto

Guest :- I am a business developer. I have been working in crypto for more than 2 years. I am a DeFi enthusiast and I know the yield farming protocols like no one else. Today I bring you the proposal that most excites me from the last year

Q2 What is Bikini Finance all about , it's usecase and how you got the Idea of creating it??

Guest :- Bikini Finance is focused on building an all in one multichain DeFi ecosystem, featuring an Automated Market Maker, high yield farming, yield aggregation and optimization, NFT marketplace and many more new developments to create a complete decentralized experience for investors. The idea is to make some new sustainable Yield Farming protocol. The APRs will be huge and investors will be happy. We are developing an ecosystem of a platform with lots of features for you guys to enjoy. Stay tuned for launch in

Q3 You have plans for being a yield optimiser and governance platform but in the recent past many yield platforms have failed to make any impact and buyers just continue dumping the yields hence causing negative impact in price so how will you take care of this issue?

Guest :- Bikini Finance will have new yield farming features! We are making sure the developments are made to help the price go up.

Through the ZAP function integrated in the platform addind liquidity is simpler and faster than in any other place.

You can choose any token or LP and instantly buy the LP, automatically addind liquidity to the pool.

Adding Liquidity the traditional way

If you have the tokens for an LP and don't need to use the ZAP function, Bikini finance allow you to provide liquidity by adding your tokens to liquidity pools.

When you add your token to a liquidity pool you will receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens.

As an example, if you deposited BIKINI and BNB into a liquidity pool, you would receive BIKINI-BNB LP tokens.

The number of LP tokens you receive represents your portion of the BIKINI-BNB liquidity pool.

You can also redeem your funds at any time by removing your liquidity.

We think in terms of development. We Build to make impact. Investors can be safe

· What if someone does single staking and continue selling the yields. How will you tackle this issue. Do you have any lock in or some feature in place Or like certain fees???

Guest :- There will be fees, of course. Everything is for the best of the project. We also like to give freedom for investors to make the best decision they create at the time. The project is protected with smart contracts and security.

Q4 You have a presale scheduled on 21st November so how can our community participate in it and what will be the benefits offered to those who buy in your token at the pre-sale?

Guest :- We launch in If you have DLAUNCH you'll be able to qualify for tiers in the presale. Liquidity will be locked. Audit by Certik. All the correct safety measures. DeFilaunch does not negotiate this

· If I buy in presale will I have any vesting period ? Can I claim immediately once presale is over full 100%??

Guest :- You can claim once presale is finished. Presale needs to end for you to claim. This is how the smart contract work. The SC has been audited so we can't change this.

Q5 Can you elaborate on your tokenomics and transaction tax and justify the same??

Guest :- Name : BIKINI Token

Ticker : BIKINI

Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Contract address :

Max supply: 20.000.000 BIKINI

Emission rate

0.5 BIKINI per block. The emission rate can be adjusted in the future based on the APRs of farms and pools to get them attractive. The maximum emission rate is fixed into the Masterchef contract to 2 BIKINI per block.

The emission rate will be reduced progressively while $BIKINI price will raise.

Plus a 10% of the emission rate send to the treasury address to fund the team, fund marketing, fund airdrop contests and further partnerships.

I forgot to mention. Bikini will have referral system will be in place with $BIKINI. You will get a link to share with your friends on your referral page.

You will earn an extra 2% of each friend reward from farms and pools if they use your link to start farming at Bikini Finance.

Segment 2 – Twitter questions

Q1 Nowadays many projects are spending huge sums on marketing and partnerships so what are your strategies for the same and how you plan to raise awareness about your product??

Guest :- Part of the incubation process with defilaunch is a guaranteed budget for Marketing! Defilaunch is a partner of bscnews, dappradar, Dapp and this will help us reach new audiences. People love the beach.

You can now check to see the banner there bikini is making some noise

Q2 What the long term objectives of your token. When will be your website be up.Why you think defi needed bikini finance there are many projects in competition

Guest :-

Here is our Roadmap. We like the community to get involved with the developments and to make suggestions. Docs will be shared today in our telegram!

You'll be able to check the site really soon! Don't miss out the news and join our community be first, be fast

Segment 3 – Community questions

Q1 Many coin got rug, How $BIKINI to avoid that one? And what's the plan for the future to make this project more biggest?

Guest :- We have made the Audit with Certik., We work for more than a month in the incubation process. We have applied many safety meassurements. We've also made the KYC process with Defilaunch. Safety is our #1 Priority.

Q2 Currently, NFT $BIKINI tokens are on the rise, causing each project to develop their own tokens, but actually they all implement them for the same functions, authenticity and collection, will srnArtGallery be able to further develop the existing potential in NFT?

Guest :- We want to develop some new feautures with the NFT world. Not only sell NFT but get the community involved. Is the community that should sell the NFTs in Bikini. Remember we are a community driven project

Q3 Have you done the security audit of your project

Guest :- Certik. They will post really soon our complete audit in their site. Be ready for our presale in

Best and kindest regards!




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