We held a live telegram ama session with DOGE-O in our official telegram channel on 27th July,2021 and here is a recap for the same in case you miss the live ama session

Hello @Sensei3rdEye we welcome you to an ama session with Dappcentre Official :)

Guest :- Thank you, glad to be hear

It's our pleasure to have you amongst us today so are you ready to start the ama session with usual custom of introductory questions??

Guest:- Yes I am

Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story ?

Guest :- I apologize I thought this was a voice AMA. I am a financial underwriting Manager in Florida. I have been involved in crypto since 2016. The team are personal friends and colleagues that have all been experienced in crypto through the last 5 years and have a passion for blockchain. We hope to be around in the space for quite some time. We each bring something unique to the team.

Q2 What’s DOGE-O all about, explain it along with the usecase and vision?

Guest :- So DOGE-O is a deflationary asset that will have enhanced tokenomics. It's going to have 9% tax, 3% going to liquidity, 3% going to marketing to secure perennial funds for the continued project and development as well as 3% transaction holders. Short term goal is we're going to be holding intangible asset giveaways that's nothing that you haven't heard of before. I understand the long term goal that we'd like to accomplish, which I don't have on the road map yet because I like to over deliver is we'll be implementing high, medium and low risk cryptocurrency pools on our website that you can stake your DOGE-O in Basically diversifying yourself into multiple crypto projects based on risk such as stable coins, alt coins and shit coins.

Q3 Please elaborate your tokenomics and justify the distribution and mention about locking of liquidity ?

Guest :- So DOGE-O tokenomics are pretty simple. You got 9% tax, 3% marketing, 3% to liquidity and 3% to transaction holders. Just so for holding, you'll get 3% on every transaction back. And we'll have marketing taken care of through those taxes as well as liquidity. That way we can stabilize the coin price. Now, as far as the liquidity being locked can see on the sale that's handled automatically once the conclusion of the pre sale that will be locked for a hundred years. That was the maximum that DEX sale that you go out to so you can take a look at the presale and it'll show you that the liquidity is being locked at the conclusion of presale for 100 years.

Q4 You have a pre-sale ongoing please elaborate on it and tell about minimum buy-in and the incentive offered to buyers in the pre-sale?

Guest :- So we do currently have a pre sale going on right now. Minimum buy in is 0.1 Bnb and 1 Bnb equals 833333333.0000 DOGE-O and total supply is 1,000,000,000,000. DOGE-O tokens Max buy in is 15 Bnb I know that seems like a lot, but one it's not likely that will have participants that high to I said it like that because in the event that someone was to put in a full 15 Bnb, that still only allocates them about 1% of the total supply. Yes, I understand that would be considered a whale, but small as compared to what these others are doing. We have limited the amount you're able to get.

Q5 How you assure about the security of your product and also that you won't rugpull after launch?

Guest :- So, Yeah, obviously, that's on everybody's minds, the rugpull what we've done to ensure that that does not happen. Obviously, that comes back to us. So we'll make sure that doesn't happen. But to show you that won't happen, one liquidity is being automatically locked by the Dxsale. We have no control over that. We set it for 100 years. We cannot pull the liquidity on you. Aside from that, the exhale has 96% of our total token supply. More than what we're left with is a little under 4% that goes about to private sellers. Once the presale has concluded, only of left. One of that is left in our Dev wallet, which we won't be selling. You'll know what that wallet is, and you can watch it. We're going to keep that the whole time.

Biggest reason being why we'll be keeping the 1%, that's all we have to show for the product for the project. We decided not to do a salary, wallet or anything like that. We're not going to be taking funds from the marketing for ourselves. It's going to be project focused, everything we want allocated towards the project. So that's why we decided to just put 1% aside for ourselves and that will stay there so that we are tied to the growth of the project, just as you are. We want it to succeed just as bad as our investors do because we are invested into this. We invested our blood, sweat and tears. And that's where that comes from to compensate us for the growth of the project. And that will be along for that right as well. And we hope to see many of you there with us.

Q1 What's the long term incentive of holding in your token and what's your take on nfts and do you have any governance feature in place

Guest :- Long term incentive told the token, aside from standard tokenomics, would be the fact that we are going to be implementing those pools on our website. Like I said, long term, what we're going to do is have 3 staking pools. Those staking pools you'll put in your DOGE-O and those DOGE-O will automatically be converted and invested into those lead pools that are comprised of high, medium and low risk cryptocurrencies. You can decide what you want to invest based on the risk level, will have stable coins, obviously in the low risk, altcoin medium risk and then shit coins. High risk is new projects in the high risk category, so that's going to be the incentive to hold long term.

So that not only does your value of DOGE-O increase, but your value of your investments in those pools increase as well. And as far as NFTs, to be honest, the team is not a big fan. Just as far as our practicality goes, there's no reason to implement NFTs. Sure we're going to have NFTs. We're not going to have a marketplace for them or anything like that. I think it's a great feature for things moving forward, you know, legalizing documents, images, things like that, making sure that you retain rights to those things. But we don't have much need for it for our use case that could change down the line. But as far as right now, no plans on implementing in NFT or a marketplace for it.

Q2 Nowadays lots of projects being made with having doge in its name how you plan to be better than them and what the uniqueness about your product

Guest :- Yeah. So I think that this question was kind of answered in the previous questions. What's unique about us are those staking pools that we're going to be implementing by long term we mean on the next six months or so, a little bit longer than what my roadmap goes out to we wanted to build a community first, obviously, build a strong community behind the project and the idea of the project, and then we're going to be implementing those staking pools.

I've been working with feels confident that we can do that. Everything that I outlined for you guys. So that's what's going to make us unique is the fact that you'll be able to invest in one coin, and then for people that aren't well versed and researching projects and things like that, we're going to be doing that for you. So like I said, we've all been investing in cryptocurrency for a number of years. We've been successful with it. And that's why we're at this stage where we're able to launch our own project. What that's going to do for unexperienced new crypto investors is you can base your investment off of your risk level.

You take one coin, and you put it into the staking pools that automatically diversifies your portfolio into your risk segments. So I think that's going to be a groundbreaking honestly, there's not anything like that in the market And I think that gives us that cutting edge. So it stands us apart, and it ties right into the name. That's why we're the DOGE-O, because it protects you. You come here to be protected. You defend with the DOGE-O team, and we protect your investments through diversification in those portfolios. I think it's going to be a great thing.

Now it's time for the final segment are you ready for it

Guest :- Yes

Q1 In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?

Guest :- We have really great marketing CMO on board. He's been in marketing for a very long time. Granted, he is new to crypto so as far as marketing. So there's a learning curve there, but we're dealing with it. And that's part of the reason why probably our presale hasn't been so successful is like I said, our marketing seems to attract more marketers and not investors, Unfortunately. So we are working on that. However, we are very transparent. As far as elimination of doubts to investors, partners, customers, we're transparent. We keep you informed every step of the way. And like I said, the liquidity is locked, our wallet holds very little and you'll have full access to see everything that's going on. I mean, there's nothing that can be hidden from you. We are going to be doing audits in the future. So just trying to get through pre sale right now. But we're very open and dedicated team and willing to answer any questions any time. So that's how we raise awareness and continue to project strength and growth of the project.

Q2 Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

Guest :- Our contract has been fully verified. It's secure. I mean, it's doing everything that it's supposed to be doing. We made sure of that. So the contract was actually built by another friend of ours. He's not on the core team, but he is a contract developer that I met through another project, Moonlight that I was a core team member on. So I trust him fully. I was online with him when we deployed the contract. It's been fully verified and we are going to be implementing an audit. We're just trying to get through presale first, and then that is on the road map. As you can see, we are going to be audited. So that will be posted up on our website once that's done.

Q3 Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

Guest :- Building community trust is always the most important thing, in my opinion, for a project. I mean obviously, we want to be around long term with a good use case, and that's important. But in the beginning times of a project, especially like this it's building trust that's the most important. We want our community to feel like we're there for you, that you can come to us and talk to us, and that you're going to get a straight answer and that nothing is being hidden that's most important to us right now.

Best and kindest regards!


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