We held a live telegram ama session with MEDICALDOGE in our official telegram channel on 20th July,2021 and here is a recap for the same in case you miss the live ama session

Hello @bennie_md we welcome you to an ama session with Dappcentre Official :)

Guest :- Hi guys. thanks for having us!

Segment 1 – Host questions

Guest:- Ready when you are mate

Q1 Please introduce yourself and your team to our community and tell your crypto story ?

Guest :- Hi my name is Bennie. Im from Medical doge. We are 5 in our team. im a Physician or a doctor by profession. im from the Philppines. and Yes iv been handling covid cases everyday and this is what this coin is all about.

Been serving the poor and the needy in our governemtn facilities. Covid hit us really hard. Not enough ventilators. Even masks etc. it’s a very difficult time to be a doctor. Out of this frustration came this idea of a coin. Medicaldoge

For my crypto story

Iv been in the crypto space since 2017. Learned to day trade but was not profitable. So I did my research. Ive been a huge fan of Icon(icx) and Vechain since then. Iv held them since 2017. Just sold this year

Earlier this year tried exploring the world of shitcoins and memecoins. Experienced everything, from getting rugged, honey putted , rugged again.

these Experiences really taught me several things until I was able to say which ones are legit (not 100%) though, and which tokenomics/caps can give a lot to most investors

This is what we wanted in this project. For our investors to maximize profits, and at the same time contribute for a cause.

Q2 What’s MedicalDoge all about explain along with usecases and vision?

Guest :- Medicaldoge is a charity token build on the binance smart chain. The goal of this coin is to assist healthcare here in our country the Philippines.

Currently we are under the pandemic and it’s really hard to manage patients where we don’t have enough medications, equipments rooms and etc.

My vision for this coin is to be able to donate and assist our governemnt facilities in this fight against covid

My colleagues would be very happy to receive respirator masks etc and that would be done if we are successful in this project. Oxygen tanks would be donated to accommodate the need of the patients

These Donations will be well documented and posted in our website. The investors and believers of this project will also be updated through our telegram channel.

In the long run,

investors/traders with this token play a crucial role in its market. We greatly value our investors as we give a 8% redistribution rewards to all holders, as well as giving much of the team wallet for airdrops, meme contests, and the like as we grow with them.

Part of our roadmap as well is to provide staking opportunities, and we are doing our best to contact the necessary team/individuals to offer us with such.

Q3 Elaborate your tokenomics and explain the distribution and tell about locking of funds if any?

Guest :- ok so for the tokenomics

our token supply is 1,000,000,000,000 mddoge tokens. or about a trilion

5% for private sale

20% for presale

10% for listing in pancake swap

60% token burn

5% for marketing and charity

and take note. NO DEV WALLET.

The Marketing and charity wallet will be lock for 6 months. This will be used for charity events. Im excited to donate to our government facilities here and to contribute to the welfare of the society. Everything will be documented and donated to the rightful health centers. Once listed there will be 10% tax, 8% as redistribution rewards, and 2% will be locked forever as liquidity in the Pancakeswap.upon launch. liquidity will be locked as well. locked for 5 years

Q4 You have a whitelist going on what’s the minimum and maximum buy-in after getting whitelisted and what benefits do users who are whitelisted get??

Guest :- oh good question

We are currently ongoing whitelisting

we are on our last day

whitelisting wil lbe finished by tomorrow july 21

Once whitelisted you will have the opportunity to buy Mdodge at a 50% discount

Minimum is 0.1 BNB with maximum of 0.5 BNB.

You have a few hours left

Make sure you apply.

There will be an official announcement in our telegram for the whitelisted participants

Q5 How you assure the security of your product ?

Guest :- The security of the product is the contract itself. We generated it via the DxMint from the DxApp and this is certified by their platform.

However in crypto, even doxxed teams do not reassure us from rugpulls.

The decision to be doxxed was to promote trust and confidence in our investors and future partners and with this partnership, I really want to be able to help the covid situation here in our country.

I can’t even be any more flowery with my statements just to attract new investors.

The best way to assess us is to join our telegram community. We are having voice chats there. You can have a conversation with me and it will be up to you if you believe me or not.

But one thing I can say for sure

We aim to help the community and the healthcare centers and they would be benefiting the most. That I promise you.

As mentioned iv been handling covid cases on a daily basis aside from that this project could be achannel to donate to the facilities with whatever equipment or necessities they need.

Some of the donations would also go to the nurses, doctors for example, respirator masks, PPE for protection. All these would be well documented.

Segment 2 – Twitter questions

Guest :- bring it on :)

Q1 What are your plans about staking and how you plan to control inflation once it’s launched and also how you plan to incentivize long term holding of your token

Guest :- Future plans lined up also include Staking features this will encourage the investors to hold their tokens and earn through staking.

We are currently finalizing talks with a launchpad with staking features. Hopefully everything goes well. and i really hope this pushes through. as i want this project to be long term and share this to the community to control inflation or prevent dumping during the launch as mentioned there is no DEV WALLET for this project this would prevent dumping upon listing

Q2 Charity token to provide assistance to COVID19 and Non-COVID19 Facilities how you exactly plan to do it and are you transparent

Guest :- Iv been working in the frontlines for more than a year now. so i know the ins and outs of the facilities i work with what they lack and what they need we will focus our donations there donations will be given to charities, healthcare facilities.

All will be documented. Pictures would be taken. Letters that the donations are received will be documented and presented to the investors.

Everything will be transparent 100%

This is a very crucial time. Not all live through and experience pandemics. Lets do well and help with what we can.

Segment 3 – Community questions

Guest :- yes sir my team and i are here to answer

Q1 "Hello there with politeness mr doctor. I have 2 questions. MedicialDoge. I'm exciting about project MedicialDoge. When did release project MedicialDoge? How do you will support community - no covid19 and covid19?"

Guest :- This project is currently on the last day of our whitelisting. after this we would be announcing the whitelisted people that will be allowed to buy from the private sale (which is 50% discount) our whitelisting link is pinned as of the moment. pls do apply for the community. as of the moment, since we are experiencing a pandemic(covid). donations and funds will be focused on the covid facilities of the our government long term hopefully when covid dies down we plan to support non covid charities as i said This is a very crucial time. Not all live through and experience pandemics. Lets do well and help with what we can.

Q2 Is this project available for everyone? How many communities do you have presently are you focusing on spreading globally?

Guest :- Yes this project is available for everyone. currenlty we have subgroups with moderators in different countries we have in




Philipipnes as well we have a chat group the more reach we have throughout the world, the greater the chance of fighting this virus. Thats why we prioritized having telegram groups with different races. we all have the same goal to help and to fight covid

Q3 What are the important social media links to follow announcement of your projects ?

Guest :- we have influencers and youtubers on board i will post the respective links so that you can explore all the reviews about this token



A Charity Token for COVID19 and Non-COVID19 Health Facilities with STAKING Opportunity.

Whitelisting soon!

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 Tokens


✔️Long term Charity Project

✔️Token Staking Opportunity at listing!

✔️Verified Contract

✔️Plan for Contract Audit prior to presale

✔️More than 50% burn prior to listing

✔️Rewards Distribution and Airdrops



8% redistributed to all HOLDERS

Staking once Listed (priority)!






Best and kindest regards!

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