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We held a live telegram ama session with Bsc Trades in our official telegram channel on 1st May,2021 and here is a recap for the same in case you miss the live ama session

Hello @bsctradesCeo I welcome you on behalf of whole our community for an ama session with DAPPCENTRE OFFICIAL

Guest :- Hello everyone Thank you for having me

Segment 1 – Host questions

It's our pleasure to have you so are you ready to start the ama with segment 1 i.e. host questions

Guest :- Yes

Q1 Could you introduce yourself and your team to the community ?

Guest :- I am Imran Ahmad CEO BSC TRADES From India. Team is made up of 4 members. Details are on the website. Team is public we have nothing to hide.

Q2 What’s BSC TRADES all about and it’s use case and how you got the idea of creating it?

Guest :- BSC TRADES is a trading charting site with current and comprehensive trading tools to boost traders confidence and profitability in trading.

Together with a trading charts, we also have an exciting launchpad for upcoming BSC projects to launch on.

Traders can make use of the charts on our platform as well as some customized unique features to boost their trading and create/modify their trading strategies.

Project developers are not left out as the are exposed to unique features as well as a user friendly user interface to make the launch of their project super successful.

They enjoy advice from our experienced team

Well that's really great you are offering something unique and different and how you got the idea for creating it???

Guest :- Well we noticed the BSC ecosystem didn't have a perfect charting app, hence we decided to create this to give projects a perfect launch, we added a unique launchpad. Arguably the best for the ecosystem

Q3 What is the tokenomics of BSCTD?

Guest :-The token is fixed and deflationary. Only 20,000 will be minted. With a circulating supply of 60% of total supply. We aim to ensure a sustainable price of the token and as such the token is fixed and deflationary 3% will be burnt on transactions fees

Any locking of funds of team ???

Guest :- Yes. Team funds will be locked for 10 months.

Q4 You have a private sale please share details regarding it and the eligibility criteria ?

Guest :- For now the whitelisting process is closed. Private sale is on going for whitelisted addresses

Public sale will be next on the 7th of may. No minimum amount for contribution just a max of 5 BNB per wallet.

How to buy in that public sale ?Also at what price have you decided to do the public sale

Guest :-1 BNB = 22 BSCTD

The public sale will be live on the BSC TRADES Launchpad .This will expose our launch pad and make holders familiar with it as we prepare for more IDOs

Q5 What are upcoming development and do you have a roadmap if yes could you share the same ?

Guest :- Token launch Snipper and limit orders.

Getting to keep track of new tokens listed on pancakeswap may be difficult due to the number of new tokens listed daily.

BSC TRADES will be adding the token launch Snipper to enable users and holders of the $BSCTD stay informed and get into new listings on pancakeswap first to enable them profit maximally.

To be able to access this feature you need to hold

We have also added the limit order tool to the BSC TRADES platform.

The limit order will be used with a cost. 1.5 $BSCTD will be charged for using the limit order feature.

Users and traders can enjoy the platform as they utilize the limit orders on pancakeswap as it is fast, effective and scalable.

Segment 2 – Twitter questions

Now we came to the end of this informative segment are you ready for the next segment in which questions were put in. By users over days of research :)

It's twitter segment

Guest :- Yeah

Q1 Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project ? @arwa16560163

Guest :-Project dies without a working product. We have a working product. We also plan on increasing the utilities to ensure long dominance.

Q2 What are the comprehensive trading tools available on your website and how it differs from the ones available on other websites means what are the advantages offered in using trading tools on your platform? @AnikethJain5

Guest :-I will love the users and your community to check out the charts for themselves .We have it up on the website already

Limit orders and token launch Snipper will be added soon.

Segment 3 - Community questions

Are you ready for the next segment where you could address our community and answer their questions?

Guest :- Yes

Q1 I want to learn more about BSC Trades but very little information, the community is relatively empty and little information is shared. What strategy does the BCS Trades team have to develop the community and retain users for the long term?

Guest :- Project is new and community is made up of real users not bots.. We are still on marketing as we prepare for public sale.

Those who got access to public sale will be lucky as we will be hitting it hard with influencers for public sale

Q2 Are you a global project or a local? Can anybody use your Advantages from anywhere without any Limitations?

Guest :- Yes anyone can use without limitations any where. Our site is compartible with mobile and pc.

Q3 NFT ecosystem is huge and there is fierce competition in the DeFi+NFT space Which NFT project do you see as your competitors? And how do you plan to compete with them?

Guest :- Nfts are huge at the moment, we will integrate it but not now. We are focused on marketing for now

Thnkz a lot for your time and spending your evening with our community anything you would like to conclude with?

Guest :- No one wants to miss out on a Gem .We present you a Gem take advantage of it.

Well that's a really powerful statement to conclude with . Wish you all the best and hope to seeing a massive participation in public sale .

Bsc trades — Telegram/Website/Twitter



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