In today’s article we would be covering all the details about DPC VIP room i.e. how you could join , the benefits you would get after joining and all other details necessary to know

How to Join

Referral Program


• Daily Airdrops

A airdrop is done in the DPC VIP room on daily basis which helps in forming a part of passive income for the long term. Some of the screenshots of rains would be attached below

• Weekly activity contest

A weekly activity contest runs from Sunday to Saturday and the person who stays the most active takes home 150 TRX at the end of the week. The prize structure of DPC VIP ACTIVITY CONTEST would be attached below

• Insider news

All the updates going to happen to dpc are shared with the DPC VIP members and their opinions are taken along with announcement of some new partnerships, contest announcement before anyone else knows.

• Direct Contact With The Team

Our whole team of DPC is present in the DPC VIP ROOM so you don’t need to contact anyone personally and all your doubts or suggestions could directly be conveyed without delay and miss communication

• Other Benefits

A DPC VIP MEMBER gets the tag of DPC VIP in all the groups controlled by the team if DAPPCENTRE. Some random contests and trivia are hosted in the DPC VIP in which a person could be lucky and win TRX



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